Our laboratory is a multinational group located at Children's Hospital Boston. We study development, cellular reprogramming, disease processes, and the improvement of therapeutics with an emphasis on leukemia and genetic blood disorders. These projects build upon basic studies of pluripotent stem cells, the development of blood-forming or hematopoietic tissue, epigenetic regulation, and mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression, and therapy resistance.

We have generated CellNet (http://cellnet.hms.harvard.edu), a network biology-based computational platform that more accurately assesses the fidelity of cellular engineering than existing methodologies and generates hypotheses for improving cell derivation. Please see: "CellNet: Network Biology Applied to Stem Cell Engineering". Cahan et al., Cell 2014 August 14:158(4):903-15; "Dissecting Engineered Cell Types and Enhancing Cell Fate Conversion via CellNet". Morris et al., Cell 2014 August 14:158(4):889-902.

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